Automotive chatbots are the future of Facebook Messenger marketing. With 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month, if you aren’t marketing on this growing messaging platform, you are missing a huge user base.

An automotive chatbot can make marketing on Facebook Messenger a breeze. However, is your chatbot working as a lead generating sales tool or a reactive customer service portal? Some auto dealers have implemented Facebook Messenger chatbots in a bid to capture some of this growing ad marketing, but very few dealerships have tapped into the full potential of Facebook Messenger marketing. Gogo Business Development Services takes out all the guess work and utliizes proven Artifical Intelligence based chat tools that will not only reactively engage users but also proactively seek out those most likely to be in the market for a new vehicle and engage them in your sales process seemlessly through the system.

Here are some of the most recent Facebook Messenger statistics that help highlight exactly why auto dealers should be focusing markeing efforts on Facebook Messenger with tools like Gogo Business Development Services.

1. Facebook Products Dominate the Market

The five most downloaded apps of all time are all Facebook products!

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. YouTube
  4. Instagram
  5. WhatsApp

All five of those apps are owned and operated by Facebook. Therefore, if you aren’t marketing on these platforms, you are missing the boat. Since Facebook, Messenger, Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp are all Facebook products, you will want the best possible marketing tools that work across all these platforms.  Gogo Business Development Services integrates Messenger-based ads across all of these Facebook products and more!

2. Messenger is Growing Steadily

Messenger is adding users at a rate of 666,666 per day. That is a LOT of new users. Best yet, these users are highly engaged with the platform. In fact, 85% of all mobile messaging app users worldwide use a Facebook messaging product. Likewise, Messenger’s users are using the platform to the tune of 8 billion messages day. Yes, you read that right, 8 BILLION messages are sent through Facebook Messenger each and every day.

3. Facebook Says Chatbots are the Most UNDER-Utilized Marketing Asset

There are only 300,000 chatbots in use on Facebook Messenger. When compared to the other mind-boggling numbers in this statistic list, that number is jaw-droppingly low. Messenger bots are marketers’ biggest opportunity, but its most underutilized asset. (Source) Auto Dealers have the opportunity to get ahead of competitors by utilizing Gogo Business Development Services’ cutting edge chatbot services. Be one of the first to truly capitalize on this growing trend.

Even though messaging apps are wildly popular, businesses are not taking advantage of it. A paltry 1 out of every 100 businesses is engaging their customers automatically or with chatbots. Note, however, that this statistic is just businesses that use chatbot messaging of any kind. The number of businesses using Facebook Messenger chatbots is far lower.

4. More People Use Messaging Apps Than Social Media

There are more people using messaging apps than social media now. The tipping point occurred a long time ago (digitally speaking), indicating an overall shift in user appetite for real-time interactive conversations as opposed to the News Feed style broadcasting method of earlier years. (Source)

5. Messenger Outperforms Email Marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing has 10-80 times better engagement than email. Most auto dealers have email automations down to an art form. However, most are severly lacking when it comes to communicating with consumers on platforms they WANT to chat on like Facebook Messenger. Gogo Business Development Services provides you an easy way to open communication lines with consumers on channels they actually will respond on. With a 1o to 80 times better open rate, if you aren’t on Messenger, you are leaving auto leads on the table.

6. Facebook Link Ads Waste Money, Messenger Does Not

Facebook’s News Feed is essentially dead. Marketers have extremely low visibility and engagement rates when using organic posts. Organic posts get 0-2% visibility and, at most, a 2% clickthrough rate. Messenger’s 80% open rates and 20% clickthrough rates make the News Feed seem appallingly useless.

When you use a click-to-Messenger ad, everyone who clicks through to “Send Message” and accepts the invite is an automatic lead on Facebook Messenger. This amounts to a 100% conversion rate for a contact list goal completion. The leads you acquire are leads for life, meaning that you retain them in your contact list until they make the conscious and concerted effort to unsubscribe from your list. (Source)

7. Messenger Offers Lower Customer Aquisition Costs

Advertisers that use Facebook tools are used to high-cost spending for most ad campaigns. Conventional ads are crowded with competitors, driving bids sky-high. Click-to-Messenger ads, by contrast, have comparatively low costs, which means lower overall customer acquisition costs as well. (Source)

Autobot.Systems uses a proven sales process to capture leads, set appointments, and sell service/parts as well. Contact us to learn how our Automotive Chatbots can work for you.