utomotive Chatbot? We’ve heard a lot about them as of late. They are everywhere with their adorable animated .gifs and quick-witted one-liners. However, that’s not all there is to them. They are selling things and selling them well.

Why do you need an Automotive Chatbot?  Let’s be honest, people get fatigued by all the hyperbole that surrounds sales. They grow ever weary of the salesman that pretends to care about them until after the transaction has ended. Don’t get us wrong, a strong sales force is irreplaceable. What chatbots do, though, is get the walls down a little sooner so the sales guys (or gals) don’t have to work so hard.

1. Automotive ChatBots Won’t Oversell.

Just because their called Chatbots doesn’t mean they are overly “chatty“. If you are in sales you know that there is always the salesperson that doesn’t know when to “just listen”. They oversell by chattering away, getting off topic and off the process entirely.

Chatbots stay on point and get the information you want them to get as well as throwing in those sassy one-liners and jokes. How many times have you asked your sales guys “just do exactly what I tell you”? Well, congratulations because automotive chatbots do just that.

2. Automotive Chatbots Get All the Information.

Imagine if you will, your salesperson comes to you with all the necessary information in perfect order without having to run back to the customer to ask questions or call them. Trade information, wants, needs, must-haves, and VIN NUMBERS!

Automotive Chatbots are perfect for the auto industry because they listen to the customer and relay that information back to the guys at the sales tower. The chatbot will ask the potential customer a line of questions designed to keep the customer at ease while packaging together all the necessary information to make a car deal.

Then it will email that information as a lead to you or your CRM in a format that will make your Internet Manager swoon.

3. Automotive Chatbots Know Their Product.

All the money you’ve spent on training your sales team.  About 10% of them actually retain and use the precious knowledge you’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to provide for them.  What if you could tell them once and know that your sales process would execute your sales process exactly how you told them to do it?

What if they knew your inventory inside and out? Rare, we know. Chatbots, however, will do the aforementioned and more.

Chatbots are programmed with AI and not only will they retain what you tell them, they will learn from previous conversations. When your customer tells an Automotive Chatbot that they want a red Chevy Silverado 1500 with all leather seats, the chatbot will know to get them thinking about not just red but other dark colors as well.

The automotive chatbot will follow the exact process it is programmed to follow without fail.

4. Automotive Chatbots Sell the Appointment.

If you’ve been in the auto industry you know how important setting the appointment is.

You can’t sell a vehicle if you can’t get them in the door. With a good process programmed in, Chatbots will take the lead when it comes to setting appointments.

5. Automotive Chatbots are Proactive.

How is that even possible? It is.  Automotive Chatbots won’t just sit around waiting on business to come to them.  They will go out and find it.

Whether your Chatbot is pushing out messages to users who commented on your Facebook page or sending finely tuned ads to a specific target market. An Automotive Chatbot can help secure a customer that would have been otherwise lost in a sea of unimpressive social media ads.

Think about it. How many times have you had a killer post on Facebook that received dozens of comments but not a single lead? With a Chatbot, those commenters can become solid leads. Your Chatbot will message each of your Facebook commenters with more information about whatever post they commented on.

6. Automotive Chatbots Don’t Lie.

Salespeople get caught up in the moment. 

Sometimes sales folks are tempted to promise the moon and stars to make a deal happen. Automotive Chatbots won’t do that.

They follow their programmed process to the letter and when its all said and done you have a happy customer who gets exactly what they ordered.

Auto shoppers have long discussed their dread of walking into a dealership only to be bombarded by “pushy” salespeople.

The fear of talking to auto salespeople is so real for some customers that they avoid auto dealerships altogether. With Chatbots, the appointment is set without ever even talking to a “real” human (and customers like it that way!)

7. Automotive Chatbots Actually Follow Up with the Customer.

A very good amount of business is lost every month because of poor follow-up. People need to be kept in contact with and the salesman who is going after the low hanging fruit just isn’t going to care to do follow up. Chatbots care because you told them to care. You can program chatbots to follow-up.  Intelligent, AI conversations will execute with perfection. Chatbot can take care of it all. Whether you want to send a friendly auto maintenance reminder or share info about special vehicle features. This follow-up also pushes for more customer reviews and ratings. This follow-up also allows you to handle customer complaints before they get out of hand. Usually, the customer will be more-than-willing to provide the Chatbot with any concerns or issues. This can prevent hasty negative reviews and allow the dealership time to respond.

If you’re not using an Automotive Chatbot then you might want to consider it. I can assure you, your competition down the road will be using one soon.

Autobot.Systems uses a proven sales process to capture leads, set appointments, and sell service/parts as well. Contact us to learn how our Automotive Chatbots can work for you.