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I’m going got to give you some advice I recently heard that really hit home with me.

I’d always heard this phrase, “Aim small miss small”

Great advice. It can be applied to target practice outside the gun range as well.

The idea is to find a small spot on your target and zero in on it.

As a result, you’re bound to increase the chances of hitting your goal.

Today I was listening to a podcast that gave me the opposite advice.

He basically said that “in business, I’ve rarely hit the thing I was trying hardest to hit, i.e. money, leads, sales ect…”

He then went on to say how focusing on things like health, learning new skill sets, and “sharpening the ax” type activities have almost always gotten him the other things he wanted -money, sales, leads ect..- as a byproduct.

He’s right!

When we become hyper-focused on something, it seems that frustration and burnout are never far behind.

When I used to sell cars back in the day. I worked hard and I followed the process to a T!

I worked my leads, I worked referrals, I marketed myself, but I also remember figuring out that keeping my mindset healthy is what sold me the most cars.

Why? Because I was in the people business (just like you and I are now).

What good is a process if the customer can read in between the lines and perceive that my bottom line is to make money off them?

Not to mention; How am I supposed to have anything in common with my client if I’m eating, sleeping, and breathing sales?

They can’t relate to that!!!

If I want to have a snowball’s chance in hell of connecting with people, I need that X factor that only comes by being interesting.

People like to be around other people that make them feel special, listened to, understood.

▶▶If I’m in good health, If my mindset is flourishing, my love tank is full, my spirit is fed, then life is going radiate off me.◀◀

That’s interesting, isn’t it?!

If my mindset is healthy, I’m also NOT going to be so self-absorbed because honestly, it is fear and desperation that causes people to be selfish. If my mindset is good, I can competently see the best way to act and react towards those around me.

Sharks vs Dolphins

Everyone is scared of sharks, they get bad rap honestly.

But sharks are more scavengers than they are predators.

Sure they look scary, big mean teeth, almost always seem to by frowning.
Then you have Orcas and Dolphins (both are dolphins BTW)

These guys are in fact the apex predators of the sea.

They are cunning, they work in teams, THESE GUYS PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD BEFORE EATING IT!

and… they annihilate sharks daily.

However,  no one is scared of dolphins.

They are the happy and curious creatures that we love to watch! Sure they want to eat, but they have fun doing it.

[Before anyone says anything I’m just using this example for a good visual. I know dolphins don’t usually kill people 🤣😂]

My point is this:

You can be a big, mean-looking shark, always swimming around looking to get your belly full.

Or you can be the clever, fun-loving dolphin who is even better at hunting, better at friendships and better at life in general.

Both are gonna get their bellies full, but everyone hates the shark. 😂😆🤣

That example sounded better in my head but let’s just roll with it.

Go gettem! 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬