Excuse my sense or (ab-sence) of humor, we aren’t talking about going to Whole Foods or drinking disgusting kale shakes. We are talking about something that hasn’t been talked about in a while. Organic Content.

Back in the day, when Facebook came out, every savvy business owner, salesman, and stay-at-home mom selling cosmetics was using social media to get attention and make a sell. Then Facebook changed its algorithm. They wanted a piece of the pie too and decided you needed to pay them a little for that sell. Then they changed it about three more times and everyone got lost and just started paying for ads and hoping for the best leaving organic content to drift out of mind.

Facebook ads are affordable, and if you have someone who knows what they are doing with them, they can be effective at boosting your brand and getting leads. I’d never suggest for you to stop doing that. But why in the world did we stop focusing on the organic posts?

Maybe you thought it wasn’t working. Maybe those cat memes just weren’t getting the interaction that they deserved. Maybe you hired some twenty-something at one point to get people interacting with your page and they did a terrible job, so you abandoned the idea. Maybe at the time, you did the right thing. However, now it’s time to visit the idea again. This time though, we will help you out with some things we’ve been doing that actually work.

The first thing you need to do is get your team on board (if it’s just you then make it a habit to take 30 minutes a day or every other day to produce good content.)  Ideally, you have people working with you that want to make things happen not only for themselves but for your company as well. Your people most likely have social media accounts and a fancy phone. Let’s have them use it! I don’t just mean let’s ask the tech-savvy nerd on your sales team to make a video every once in a while when you or your managers think about it. Let’s create a culture where making multiple social posts about how awesome their employer and place of work is on the weekly is expected. 

Set some guidelines, then get them making daily, weekly or bi-weekly posts about the specials you have going on. Let’s get them recruiting their own contacts to share the content they create. The content that tells everyone in your area who you are as a company and why they should do business with you.

When I sold cars, I annoyed the hell out of my friends on social media. We didn’t even have the iPhone 11 back then, but I’ll tell you, anyone who knew me thought of my ugly mug when they thought about selling a car or buying one. But guess who they bought from…..me. If I were selling today, I’d be making videos daily. I’d show every cool unit, every well-priced unit, and I’d have fun with it.

Now, let’s say you’ve got your team making content. Let’s say some of it’s actually pretty decent. Now you have some stuff to share on your business page. |What if it is REALLY good stuff? Spend $10 and boost that puppy for some well-deserved exposure. People don’t want professional videos right now, they want real people that are in their community that they feel like they can trust.

It only takes 120 seconds of your employees on video saying things like; “Oh my gawd guys you’ve got to try this burger!” “Look at these before and after pictures of my skin before and after the chemical peel, my skin feels amazing” or “Man, can you believe how good this new fence looks?” or “Welp guys, another family is safe and sound, we just installed our latest storm shelter and she’s a beauty!” can turn in to money in the blink of an eye if you do it right and do it often.  

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