(5-minute read)

Someone needs to hear this.

You’ve been searching for happiness in all the wrong places.

Fulfillment is not outside your door.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

There are no amount of experiences that are going to bring you contentment

Ya heard me right, amigo. 🤷🏼‍♂️

No amount of road trips or travel.

No relationship.

No drug or drink (obviously).

There’s NO amount of money that will bring you what you’re really after.

No new car.

No new house.

No pair of shoes.


Because you’ve got it backwards.

It’s not happiness that you’re missing, it’s joy.


What’s the difference?

Joy is different from happiness in that it’s constant.

Even through the fiery trials that this life throws at us.

While moments can give you happiness to some degree.

Tragedy can take that happiness away.

Joy is in your soul.

Joy is eternal.  Joy is Peace.

Get it?


Personal Experience.

My family and I once traveled the entire US, Mexico, and Canada for 3 years in an RV.

We put everything in storage and just left. 

People were astonished.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Here comes our gypsy friends, the Wests

We saw things that this country boy from the middle of nowhere thought he’d never get to see.

Weird thing is, I never had any “AHAH!” moments or found any purpose. 


I did learn a very valuable lesson though.

Fulfillment comes from within.

I wouldn’t take any of it back but believe someone who’s traveled the nation looking for fulfillment.

It’s all about your perspective…


Think about two types of old people.

One is crotchety. Pointing out ALL the faults.

Complaining about “young people these days” and “The Weather” and just about everything.

Nothing is good enough.


Now consider a sweet old woman setting in her backyard.

Watching the birds, drinking her coffee. At peace with her surroundings and wanting for nothing.

She is a joy to be around. 

Usually filled with wisdom and insights.


Who wouldn’t want to listen to what she has to say?


The difference is Perspective.

Our first example suffers from a lack of contentment.

That’s why nothing is ever good enough for him. 

He didn’t suddenly BECOME a grouchy old fart.

It was thousands of life decisions that led up to that point.

😒 Always too busy.

😒 Always needing more.

😒 “If I could just get to _____________ in my life, I’d be happy.


Person number two figured out a long time ago to slow down. She figured out the power of gratitude.

 She is happy where she sits and it doesn’t matter what the chair looks like.


✔ One perspective is influenced by joy.

The other perspective is influenced by ingratitude.


The Power of Gratitude.

Being thankful isn’t just good manners.

Your mind is made up of thousands of thought trails. 🛣


Have you ever gone hiking? 🥾

What happens when you come upon a trail that hasn’t been used in a while?

They are harder to travel on.


Because weeds and grass have grown up around the path.  🦗

In some cases, the trail becomes impassable because limbs or rocks have fallen down and completely blocked it up.

Your thought trails are the same.

The trails that have the most traffic are the most open and easiest to travel down.

The things you think about can literally change your physiological makeup (for better or for worse).


People with anxiety are seldom grateful people. ( I know because I was one of them)

Anxiety lives in the future.

People with depression are seldom grateful as well.

Depression lives in the past.

Those with the most gratitude are PRESENT.

Gratitude lives in the NOW. What’s right in front of them.


So what am I saying?

Here’s a quote from The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan,

“Not that the heart can be good without knowledge, for without knowledge the heart is empty. But there are two kinds of knowledge: the first is alone in its bare speculation of things, and the second is accompanied by the grace of faith and love, which causes a man to do the will of God from the heart.

C.S. Lewis said that every decision you make is bringing you closer to being a creature of heaven or a creature of hell.

I’m not preaching at you. 

I’m trying to help you understand that Joy comes from within. 


What you choose to focus on in your daily life is going to build thought tunnels in your mind.

Those tunnels are going to become filled with the make-up of who you are.

Ask yourself, Am I okay with that? 🤔

This is an important mindset that is going to help you not just in business but in life as well.


You can read all the books, go on all the trips, make all the money.

At best you’re going to be a well-read traveler with a fat wallet. 

At worst you’re going to be a stuffy, closed hearted know-it-all, looking down on everyone who has not had your experiences.

That is if you don’t focus on the important things.



The world has had enough of the know it all. 🙄

The world is tired of pride. 🙄

The world is overcome with Fear. 😨

They need a solution, not another egomaniac trying to put them together. 😎


Be that refreshing spring in a desert that people long for. 💦🌵🐫

Be that for people and you’ll not only find joy and purpose.

You’ll find success around every corner.