Here’s a short story of marketing success.


It’s my own tale so I know it’s a true one.


5 months ago my wife and I set out on a small adventure in ‘caffination’.


Thinking of the future we decided to open up a coffee shop and put all the profit back into our savings.


The idea was that we would get it going, build a strong team, hire a good manager, then take our hands off and watch the retirement money flow in.


There was one thing though that we did not expect.


Both of us have been in marketing for a long time.


We know what we are doing.


We’ve helped so many people get noticed, even become famous.




If you’re any good at what you do, there’s always that little voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re not making a difference.


The best performers have zero cognitive bias and contrary to popular belief don’t wake up in the morning pissing excellence as much as lay in bed at night thinking of what they could have done better.


So to be honest we had no idea if we could market a brand new coffee shop concept effectively enough to make a dent in the market share.


After all, there were already two very popular (locally owned) shops and a Starbucks in the town.


We kept the plan simple.


Amazing customer service and “Instagramable” drinks.


We Gave the shop a name, “Clever Fox Coffee Company”.


We designed a logo.


While we were building everything, we ran ads to let people know we were coming to their town..


The response was unimaginable.


In fact, we did such a good job building our brand that most people in the area thought we were a freaking chain store!!!


People started following us and the entire town became ecstatic over our coming to their town.


One week before opening, we had a test run.


Before that Friday night, we had no idea just what we had created.


People were lined out the door wanting to try our drinks!!


I was shocked.


I was humbled.


I was as proud as I could be.


We’ve continued over the last few months to grow and profits are beyond anything we projected.


——Want to know a SECRET?——




I roast coffee as a hobby.


I’ve worked in restaurants.


But I’ve never been a barista.


I’ve certainly never opened a coffee shop or ran one.


We were flying blind!


Yet here we are, a huge success and people in the town can’t get enough of us.




You might have a good idea.


You might be the most skilled person in your field.


It doesn’t matter.


Without a strong brand and good marketing that is.


If people don’t know you exist, If people don’t want to be a part of what you have going on, how will you be the best you can be?




There WAS a cake store right next to us that made really great cakes but NO ONE knew who she was.


She was raised in the town and used all her resources to build her bakery with very little results.


I said was.


She’s still in business and she’s not doing half bad.


In fact, if she were, to be honest, she’d tell you that the growth in her business is a direct result of the booming success of Clever Fox.


Because people are driving across town to see us, they happen to notice her as well.


She even started selling some coffee drinks to catch OUR overflow!


This GOOD THING happened for us and the bakery (I’d dare say even the entire strip mall that we are in) because of the GREAT MARKETING efforts made by Clever Fox.



So I ask you, reader;


What are you selling?


How are you marketing it?


Does your strategy target an ideal audience?


Are you connecting with people in such a way that they YEARN to be a part of what you are doing?!


Or are you a buried jewel waiting yet to be discovered?