When we first got into digital ads, I’d spend an hour or so on every new ad.

I’d send it out in an email, the entire team would praise it.

Then I’d send the client a copy and they would also praise it.

Then, we would write amazing copy for the ad.

And we’d run it!


Only one problem…


The ad didn’t do anywhere near what we intended it to do.

Big Sad Baby


Mostly because the graphic was too perfect.

I’m not bragging.

It was perfect-

-just like every other ad in everyone else’s feed.


Until one day I was in a hurry-

I didn’t take the time to fine-tune everything.

In fact, I just threw some words down on a white background, ran a red line through it, and posted it.

I’m sure you can see where this is going, the ad BLEW UP!

The ad looked something like this:


Why did this crappy-looking ad get so much action?

One reason.

It was different.


That’s when I learned one of the most important messages of my marketing career,

Do what everyone else ISN’T doing.

Read that again. 👆


Keep it simple.

Keep it fresh.

Don’t follow the herd.

The herd is usually heading off a cliff or taking a stroll to the slaughterhouse.