Optimization is one of our favorite words and one of the most important words to consider when working in digital marketing. New social media trends are cool and fun, but it is important to optimize what you have created already. Don’t worry about what’s going on at the neighbors, until your house is in order.


Optimization is a never-ending process. It is a forever test phase where you try something, see if it works, optimize it more, track it, see if it works better, and then either apply it or move on to the next one.


In this article I will go over 3 ways that we optimize some of the posts and ads we create, and what tactics we like to use to get the most visibility.


Engaging and Easy to Read Content

Adjusting and optimizing how we write social media posts and ads plays a huge role in their performance. Possibly is the most important part of the ad! It is important to make sure that the text is easy to digest, quick to read, and is inviting. 


One of the tactics we use to catch the attention of the scroller are Emojis. They are a great way to attract attention and they add a little personality and fun to the post. Personality goes a long way in the world of social media. 

  • Have big news?💥Fireworks!💥 
  • Offering money off? 💰Bag of cash! 💰
  • October? 🎃Pumpkin!🎃

Another tactic we use in order to make our posts and ads easily digestible are line breaks. In addition to simple to ready copy, we break it down. 


In the first line, we grab attention. 


In the second line, we provide info that provokes the reader to keep going.


The third line is the call to action. 


This helps the ad or post easy to consume. 


Use attention-grabbing images & video

We know that visuals capture attention. You can also grab attention by:

  •  Using the carousel option for multiple images. We like to use this when we have a lot of great visuals to share.
  • Creating a video to grab the attention of busy scrollers
  •  Making posts with animated features.

We know that creating visuals for social media can be intimidating and time-consuming for companies, but we are happy to help. We use a variety of tools to create our social media images, gifs, and videos.  


There are tools to help the business owner to create these visuals, but surpass the stress and let us help!


Synchronize the look and feel of your content

Think of a social media page you really enjoy. When you’re scrolling, you can always tell when you come upon their page because you recognize it. That is called Visual consistency and it is important because it helps people build a recognition relationship with your brand. VIsual consistency makes your ad or posts easily detectible to a scrolling hand. Whether it is a certain filter set, regular use of a color palette, a signature font, or your logo – but consistency is key.


It is also important when posting content that is promotions, quotes, or product offers, that those posts use consistent templates as well. The goal? Purposefully use strong visuals to tell the story of your company, build brand memorability, relevance, and brand trust. 


These three tips are a great way to get started on the optimization journey. As mentioned, it is never-ending and always evolving – but keep playing and trying new things!