Social media is constantly evolving. That means, for marketers, the game is changing and at a rapid pace. It seems like every time you get your hands around the latest social media platform or trend, a new one is introduced. Just like that, the rules to the game change again. So, what’s the latest and greatest in the Social Media game? And how did we get here?


Let’s start by quickly go through the evolution of social media. When social media sites first hit the scene (Myspace and Facebook), the Timeline was the crème de la crème of the social media game…. because it is all there was! The Timeline was the first and is still crucial to how we market. The timelines are utilized every day in our advertising—ol’ reliable.


The first significant game-changer was Instagram – an app created for photo sharing. Marketers quickly adapted and began utilizing this highly visual tool for advertising and brand building. After Instagram became famous, Snap Chat was introduced and allowed users to share short video snippets. Snapchat became trendy very quickly – and then introduced stories.  Instagram and Facebook promptly followed suit, introducing stories on their Timeline as well. 


As you can see, in a very short number of years, social media went from basic timelines to photos to short videos, to stories. And it didn’t stop there. Enter video-focused feeds. TikTok is so popular with its edited and cleverly executed videos and perfectly curated timelines that it is no surprise Instagram is following TikTok’s lead.


So where do all of these options leave marketers? With an arsenal of possibilities! We think it is crucial to incorporate all aspects of the social media world for advertising and brand building.  It is also important to be on top of the latest trends. Social media, like marketing, is all about grabbing the attention of the audience and staying on top of what is popular.


At GoGoBDS, we utilize all angles of social media when generating organic engagement and creating effective social advertising campaigns. People will continue to consume content in all different formats, but all are very visual. The ability to create images, animated graphics, videos on someone’s feed, snaring their attention, is one of the best marketing tools in the market. A good visual will always get attention and drive traffic.


Go get ’em and let us know what questions you have about the current social media landscape.