Do you want to make more money this Black Friday? If the answer is “yes,” then you need to start with your social media strategy. Last week we talked about improving engagement with Instagram, so we thought it is only fitting to discuss how to increase sales through social media ads next. This is especially important with Black Friday fast approaching…..where did Halloween go so fast?!


As we mentioned, with so many brands competing for attention and offering similar products, you NEED to stand out in the crowd. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how we create social media ads that work. Organic or paid, these tips will help you create content geared towards connecting with your target audience and enhancing their experience with your brand.
The holidays are coming fast, so let’s get started!


For Organic- Write your content to a specific person.

Come up with your perfect buyer profile. If you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for? It’s time. Figure out who your ideal customer is – THEN (and only then) you can write your content. Picture that perfect buyer, give them a name (let’s say Bill), what does he do for a living? What makes Bill want to buy from you? Does Bill have a family? Now, write to Bill. Cater content to Bill’s needs and interests.
When making your social media content more personal, write as if you are writing an email directly to THAT reader you created (Bill). Try to avoid generalizations or broad sweeps of your net, hoping to catch a few fish. Hone in and talk to only your perfect buyer – an organically targeted net to catch a bigger fish.
With an organic post, the pressure isn’t off just because it doesn’t cost you anything. Your organic social media should offer value and create lasting relationships. Organic posts are an excellent place to sell your VALUE beyond sell, sell, sell. Think of your organic social media as a way to create your community. A community of subscribers (of Bills) and engaged audience members is just as valuable as any sale you can make on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Customers like when they know what’s going on behind the scenes at a brand because it helps them feel like part of the team; doing so will increase engagement rates, increasing customer retention after big sales periods.

For Paid: Targeting your audience.

What is the ideal strategy for acquiring new consumers on Black Friday? Find individuals who are interested in similar things to your product and offer them a deal. Paying to advertise it across the platform ensures that it reaches more than the people who already follow you whenever you run a discount or promotion.

Get creative- and stretch your wings. 

You can target an audience in many ways, including demographics, likes, location, interests, and behaviors. With paid ads, play around and stretch the limits! Get creative, and try new things out. Expand your location, target consumers who like similar products, include consumers to show interest in competitors. The world is your oyster, and sometimes the audiences that work best would surprise you.
With social media, you have a lot of potential buying power in your hands. You can either use that hone and perfect that power to increase your sales, or you can sit back and watch as your competition outshines you. Or, you could hire us.