Instagram is possibly the most dynamic and fast-growing social media platform. The number of brands using Instagram to grow their customer engagement is likely growing as I type this. But, as I am sure many of you have noticed, the most challenging growth to achieve is in followers. Sure- you can buy fake followers, but they won’t do anything to help.


So, what is considered engagement? Engagement is when a follower makes an effort and interacts with your content by either liking it, commenting on it, sharing it, saving it, or DMing it to a friend. In simple terms, if someone does anything other than scroll by, it counts as engagement.


If you are wondering how you figure out your engagement, there is no “right way.” We generally add up the likes and comments per post and divide that by your total number of followers. That will give you a rough engagement percentage. If your engagement number is good, that means your Instagram content resonates with your audience and is hopefully also attracting new followers.


It is essential to keep a steady flow of new, real followers coming to your page and engaging with your content, and this blog has three simple steps to help explain how we do it for the accounts we manage!


Post Regularly and Keep it Interesting

While we understand it sometimes feels redundant, and you may feel like you are annoying, the truth is that the more you post, the better. If you are posting every day, you are providing more opportunities for people to discover you. Ideally, we’d suggest posting once a day, but if that is too much, at least aim for four times a week.
We understand it can be a lot when you are first starting and don’t want the quality of the post to suffer.
Never cut corners in terms of the quality of the post just to push something out daily. That will cause your engagement to suffer.  Sit down and create a posting schedule that works for you and keeps you on track posting quality posts.
Additionally, it is important to change up the way you post. Shake up the content types as you post through the week. If you keep posting the same things, the same methods, people will stop engaging, and you will stop showing on their feeds. Change it up! We like to mix between sharing photos, posts, videos, reels, testimonial posts, and blog references.  

Don’t be lazy with captions

Yes, the visuals capture the viewers’ attention, but captions keep the viewers coming back for more. Captions can be tricky, especially if you have much information to share. Here are some tips and tricks we swear by when we create posts:   

  • Keep important information at the top just in case they stop reading.
  • Use line breaks for long posts to guide the reader and make reading easier.
  • Use keywords to help your post appear on the ‘For You’ pages.
  • Use emojis and humor to show your brand’s human side (more on that next).
  • Include a Call to Action (‘what do you think?’, ‘tell us in the comments’)

In addition to these tips, make sure to change up your captions. You want it to sound like a human is writing them. Sometimes ask questions and ask for recommendations, other times, tell stories. Maybe tag friends or sister brands. There are lots of ways to change up your captions- you can find plenty of inspiration lists online if you need some guidance.

Show off your Brand Voice

If you haven’t already, it is important to think of your brand as an individual and figure out its personality.  Once you figure out your brand’s voice, keep it consistent through all of your posts. Use the same sayings and emojis.
Think about why you follow the brands you do. Sure, it is partially about keeping track of deals ad discounts. But it is also because you want to get to know the brand and make sure it aligns with you. People like brands that resonate with them.
A feed full of sales pitches will often get unfollowed because it is spammy, and the viewer cannot create a relationship with the brand.  But if you can find that balance between sharing specials, promoting your products, and showing the human side behind the scenes – then you’ve got what it takes to increase engagement.
In the end, Instagram can be a brand’s bread and butter for any brand if done correctly. Keep it attractive, keep it real, keep it fresh, and watch the followers roll in.