Chatbots: Are They Working For You?

With the increasing popularity of chat-based messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WhatsApp, chat bots have become an important asset in any digital marketer’s toolbox. Already, developers are making bots to replace or supplement customer service teams at large companies, and entrepreneurs are experimenting with ways to engage potential customers via chat rather than

Benefits of Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing has become the new normal for businesses. As consumers have more ways to interact with brands, companies find the need to approach their marketing strategies with an Omni-Channel mindset. In this post, you'll learn why using an Omni-Channel marketing strategy is necessary, as well as how to develop one from scratch. What is

3 Holiday Ad Tips

Do you want to make more money this Black Friday? If the answer is "yes," then you need to start with your social media strategy. Last week we talked about improving engagement with Instagram, so we thought it is only fitting to discuss how to increase sales through social media ads next. This is especially

Instagram Engagement: 3 Steps To Success

Instagram is possibly the most dynamic and fast-growing social media platform. The number of brands using Instagram to grow their customer engagement is likely growing as I type this. But, as I am sure many of you have noticed, the most challenging growth to achieve is in followers. Sure- you can buy fake followers, but

Optimization: One Of Our Favorite Digital Marketing Words

Optimization is one of our favorite words and one of the most important words to consider when working in digital marketing. New social media trends are cool and fun, but it is important to optimize what you have created already. Don’t worry about what’s going on at the neighbors, until your house is in order.

The Ever-Changing World Of Social Media

  Social media is constantly evolving. That means, for marketers, the game is changing and at a rapid pace. It seems like every time you get your hands around the latest social media platform or trend, a new one is introduced. Just like that, the rules to the game change again. So, what’s

Shock Advertising or Industry Interruption

When we first got into digital ads, I'd spend an hour or so on every new ad. I'd send it out in an email, the entire team would praise it. Then I'd send the client a copy and they would also praise it. Then, we would write amazing copy for the ad. And we'd run

The Hidden Jewel

Here’s a short story of marketing success.   It’s my own tale so I know it’s a true one.   5 months ago my wife and I set out on a small adventure in 'caffination'.   Thinking of the future we decided to open up a coffee shop and put all the profit back

The Business of Purpose [A Map To Contentment]

(5-minute read) Someone needs to hear this. You've been searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Fulfillment is not outside your door. I'm sorry, but it's true. There are no amount of experiences that are going to bring you contentment Ya heard me right, amigo. 🤷🏼‍♂️ No amount of road trips or travel.

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