Conversational Marketing: How to Get It Triple Right [Right Customer, Right Time, Right Message]

Conversational marketing is something that ALL forward-thinking business owners and marketing professionals should be considering in their digital marketing efforts. But what exactly is conversational marketing? To better understand Conversational Marketing, we must first understand the history of conversation itself. Let's go back in time and take a look at our conversation history timeline. 

Organic, It’s Not Just For Hippies

Excuse my sense or (ab-sence) of humor, we aren't talking about going to Whole Foods or drinking disgusting kale shakes. We are talking about something that hasn't been talked about in a while. Organic Content. Back in the day, when Facebook came out, every savvy business owner, salesman, and stay-at-home mom selling cosmetics was using

10 Things To Do If Your Business Is On Hold

What do most of us have on our hands right now? Time. There's not much upside to all this quarantine business (besides the fact that we get to work in our underwear). Prepare for delays. Shipping times are SLOW right now. If you own a company that uses dropshipping, let your customers know that things

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