Optimization: One Of Our Favorite Digital Marketing Words

Optimization is one of our favorite words and one of the most important words to consider when working in digital marketing. New social media trends are cool and fun, but it is important to optimize what you have created already. Don’t worry about what’s going on at the neighbors, until your house is in order.

The Ever-Changing World Of Social Media

  Social media is constantly evolving. That means, for marketers, the game is changing and at a rapid pace. It seems like every time you get your hands around the latest social media platform or trend, a new one is introduced. Just like that, the rules to the game change again. So, what’s

The Automotive Chatbot: 7 Reasons Why You Need One

utomotive Chatbot? We’ve heard a lot about them as of late. They are everywhere with their adorable animated .gifs and quick-witted one-liners. However, that’s not all there is to them. They are selling things and selling them well. Why do you need an Automotive Chatbot?  Let’s be honest, people get fatigued by all the hyperbole that

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