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Conversational Marketing: Learn How To Hyper-Target Hail Core Zones With Facebook Messenger

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This system usually goes for $2300-$5000 per user.

Once our bots start working for your company, you will receive hundreds of new opportunities directly into your CRM or email of choice.

We are here to help. Our friends and clients can't believe the results they are getting and you can get it locked in for the next year at this discounted price.

This isn't Facebook ads that send people to your website then disappear forever.

It all started with a simple chatbot on our own Facebook page.

But then it evolved. Our bots use multiple channels along with other websites to track your future customer's wants and needs. The bots then present your future client with an offer it has deemed suitable, our system even allows them to SEARCH YOUR LISTINGS without ever losing the connection.

To be honest, we almost didn't discount our system because it's well worth the money.

But these are strange times and we want to help our friends and neighbors come out of this mess stronger than before. I can't tell you how many of our clients have told us how thankful they are that GoGo BDS is working for them right now because everyone is on the internet during the quarantine.

You can have it right now for $980 per month plus ad spend.

Ad spend is going to be up to you. That can range from $250-$1000+ depending on what you want to accomplish.


At Gogo BDS we have a specialized approach to roofer social media and paid advertisement. Let us help you learn how to maximize your digital marketing strategy to secure more qualified roofing leads.

  • We utilize weather data and geofencing to seek out and target homeowners in storm-damaged areas.
  • Our innovative weather-based marketing strategy complements your on-the-ground sales efforts. 
  • Your door-to-door sales efforts will be enhanced by our brand awareness campaigns in your area and help secure leads from those doors that simply won’t open.
  • Using Smart Audience targeting, Gogo BDS is able to target specific homeowners in specific neighborhoods that we know had a high number of roof damage claims.
  • We then feed specifically-targeted ads to those users who may not be comfortable opening their doors to your on-the-ground sales staff. Allowing the customer to have more control of the sales process can increase leads for your hail damage roof claims.

Post-Storm Marketing

With our post-storm marketing, our Smart Audience targeting reaches out with and engages with homeowners in hail-damage areas.

These ads let the homeowner know that storm damage occurred in their area and that their roof may have been damaged.

These ads also educate the homeowner on the potential for insurance to cover the damage and that all damage may not be visible to the naked eye.

We then direct the homeowner to schedule a complimentary roof inspection with your roofing company.

Aging Storm Claim Marketing

With aging storm claims, our system reaches out to homeowners in neighborhoods that were directly affected by large hail storms at 6, 9, and 11-month intervals letting them know that time is running out to file their hail damage claims with their insurance providers.

These campaigns also educate the homeowner on standard roof claim time limitations and let those homeowners in previous hail damage zones know that their claim may still be eligible for processing from a specific storm.

Aging storm claims marketing allows your on-the-ground sales team to focus on new storm damage and leave aging storm damage to your digital marketing efforts without sacrificing the potential business.

Our Roofing Marketing Strategy will:

  • Increase Brand Awareness in Storm Damaged Areas
  • Capture missed door-to-door leads
  • Secure aging claim leads
  • Begin immediate targeting post-storm


  • People are scared to go outside right now. Therefore they are spending all their time on the internet. You can take advantage of this knowledge and leverage it using our system.
  • Your targeting could be MUCH better than it is. We pay thousands of dollars a month to have access to hyper-targeting algorithms that people doing their own Facebook ads don't have access to. Target your business like Fortune 500 guys do it for a fraction of the cost!
  • This system doesn't cost anything in the grand scheme of things (especially with the discount). There are no contracts, you can quit whenever you want. But I guarantee you won't.
  • You don't currently have anything even close to this system working for your company. I know that because no one else has figured out how to do it yet (you can thank my genius wife Tara for all this btw).
  • If I told you that you could spend $1000 dollars today and by the end of the month that $1000 would turn into $10-$100k before months end, you'd want to do that, wouldn't you? You'd be crazy not to try.
  • Spend less time on unqualified leads. We use a proven process that costs companies 20k a week for a sales team to learn. Your company can spend time on the clients that are most likely to convert instead of spending time chasing low-quality leads.
  • We have a staff of well-trained representatives always watching the bots, just in case. Sometimes customers ask questions the bots can't handle yet. In such a case we have a live consultant step in and finish the process. You're not only getting this advanced AI to work for you, but you're also getting well-trained live representatives as well.
  • Very few of the marketers you're currently working with actually understand the roofing business. We work closely with multiple builders. Heck, our office in the Remax building in Owasso, Oklahoma. We understand your wants and needs. We understand what it takes to get you those quality customers.

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