Marketing Strategies Build Specifically with Roofers in Mind!

At Gogo BDS we have a specialized approach to roofer social media and paid advertisement. Learn how to maximize your digital marketing strategy to secure more qualified roofing leads.

We utlize weather data and geofencing to seek out and target homeowners in storm damage areas. Our innovative weather-based marketing strategy compliments your on-the-ground sales efforts.  Your door-to-door sales efforts will be enhanced by our brand awareness campaigns in your area and help secure leads from those doors that simply won’t open.

Using Smart Audience targeting, Gogo BDS is able to target specific homeowners in specific neighborhoods that we know had a high number of roof damage claims. We then feed specifically-targeted ads to those users who may not be comfortable opening their doors to your on-the-ground sales staff. Allowing the customer to have more control of the sales process can increase leads for your hail damage roof claims.

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Gogo BDS takes your hail damage data and turns it into high converting and geotargeted ads. Our two most popular marketing products for roofing companies include: post-storm marketing and aging storm claims.

Post-Storm Marketing

With our post-storm marketing, our Smart Audience targeting reaches out with and engages with homeowners in hail-damage areas. These ads let the homeowner know that storm damage occured in their area and that their roof may have been damaged. These ads also educate the homeowner on the potential for insurance to cover the damage and that all damage may not be visible to the naked eye. We then direct the homeowner to schedule a complimentary roof inspection with your roofing company.

Aging Storm Claim Marketing

With aging storm claims, our system reaches out to homeowners in neighborhoods that were directly affected by large hail storms at 6, 9, and 11 month intervals letting them know that time is running out to file their hail damage claims with their insurance providers. These campaigns also educate the homeowner on standard roof claim time limitations and let those homeowners in previous hail damage zones know that their claim may still be eligible for processing from a specific storm. Aging storm claims marketing allows your on-the-ground sales team to focus on new storm damage and leave aging storm damage to your digital marketing efforts without sacrificing the potential business.

Our Roofing Marketing Strategy will:

  • Increase Brand Awareness in Storm Damaged Areas

  • Capture missed door-to-door leads

  • Secure aging claim leads

  • Begin immediate targeting post-storm

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