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At GOGO BDS we know that your products or services are completely unique to your business. That is why we offer a completely unique marketing option for business wanting to increase their online presence in the most effective way possible. As experts in conversation marketing, we focus on communication. Our programs ensure that the right customers are seeing the right message at the right time every single time they come across your ads online.

Direct, one-on-one messaging helps bypass clogged inboxes and unanswered phones. It ensures you can get your message in your customers’ minds without stressing them out in the process. Direct messaging via text, chatbots and Messenger is becoming the world’s preferred way to communicate and rightfully so! In fact, your customers are demanding that you communicate with them better. Better communication means a faster, more efficient buyer’s journey in which you’re asking the right questions at the right time to deliver the most relevant message possible. Are you ready to increase your leads and make your buyer’s journey more effective?

We can help! We have a passion for small businesses and pride ourselves in helping businesses like yours understand the strategy of conversational marketing and provide the tools to help you manage it.

From service startups to veteran e-commerce sites, GogoBDS has handled it all! Contact us today to learn more about our conversational marketing product offerings.

It Takes A Village

Tara West, PCM
Chatbot Master/ Conversational Marketing Believer

Tara West is a Professional Certified Marketer (PCM), Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketer, Hootsuite Social Marketing Certified and member of the International Marketing Association. Tara is a digital professional who has specialized in conversational marketing techniques and chatbot creation. As an experienced Social Media Manager and digital marketer, Tara quickly noticed the shift from traditional one-way communication ads to fully immersive two-way communication ads. Realizing that consumers wanted to communicate more efficiently with brands, Tara began building her expertise in chatbot design. As a master chatbot designer, Tara merges the AI-enhanced capabilities of our chat tools with effective conversational ads to create effective ads for each and every one of her clients.

Social Media Manager

Content Optimization

Sales Funnel Management

Content Strategist

Web Design Diva

Digital Marketing Manager

Paid Ad Strategist


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